The conference programme can be found as a .pdf file here.


8.30 – 9.00

Registration – Foyer, St Cross Building
A light breakfast, tea, and coffee will be provided.

9.00 – 10.15: Session 1

1a – Reflections on Medieval Storytelling – History of the Book Room

• Gareth Evans and Hannah Ryley, both Oxford

1b – Nineteenth-Century Fiction and Print Culture – Seminar Room B

• Derek Ball, Leicester, “Mathematics Out of the Margin in George Eliot’s Fiction”
• Lucy Brown, Sheffield, “Reclaiming a Sensation Novelist: Re-evaluating Edmund Yates”
• Ushashi Dasgupta, Oxford, “Charming, Fanciful Things: The Extra Christmas Numbers of Dickens’s Journals”

1c – Margins and Contemporary Image – Seminar Room K

• Harriet Earle, Keele, “‘Margin in the Middle’: Why the Gutter Is Central to Trauma Comics”
• Natalie Ferris, Oxford, “‘Semantic Divertissements’: Doodles, Definitions, and Distractions in Stefan and Franciszka Themerson”
• April Pierce, Oxford, “New Media and Marginalia: Why I Founded Oxford University Marginalia – Benefits and Drawbacks of the Form”

1d – Contemporary Theory – Seminar Room A

• James Robinson, Kent, “Margins of Darkness: Paratext and Post-postmodernism in Danielewski’s House of Leaves
• Taylor Schmitt, Sussex, “Muñoz, Meet Muñoz”
• Ery Shin, Oxford, “Modernism, Phenomenology, Queer Theory”

10.25 – 11.40: Session 2

2a – Medieval Manuscripts – History of the Book Room

• Freya Brooks, Leicester, “Women in the Margins of the Manuscripts of The Canterbury Tales
• Rachel Burns, Oxford, “‘God send vs þe dew of heuene’: A Draft Lyric in the Margins of Digby 172?”
• Grace Khuri, Oxford, “De-marginalizing the Margins: The Dynamic Relationship between Margins and Central Space in Material Culture”

2b – Postcolonial Encounters – Seminar Room B

• Sarah Barnette, Oxford, “Abdullah Quilliam, Sheikh al-Islam of the British Isles: Islam in the Centre and on the Perimeters of Victorian Britain”
• Dominic Davies, Oxford, “Olive Schreiner’s Spatial Narratives: Critiquing Empire from the Margins”
• Vicky Warren, UEA, “Marlow’s Older Brother: A Forgotten Australian, a Moral Morass, and the Last Free Islands of the South Pacific”

2c – Multimodality – Seminar Room K

• Linda Kemp, Sheffield and Nottingham Trent, “Margin Alien: The Centrality of the Margin in the Poetry of Alan Halsey”
• Benedict Morrison, Oxford, “Bricolage and the Uncanny Margin in the Early Films of Terence Davies”
• Moe Shoji, Sheffield, “Pausing at the Threshold: A Paratextual Analysis of Contemporary Theatre Practice”

2d – Margins and Canonicity – Seminar Room A

• Jack Ingram, Royal Holloway, “The Ghosts of the New Criticism”
• Masako Inoue, Leicester, “Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God: From a Canonical Text to Circum- Caribbean Literature”

11.40 – 12.00

Tea and coffee – Foyer

12.00 – 1.15: Session 3

3a – Early Modern Theatre – History of the Book Room

• Lana Harper, Sussex, “‘They now think to plant themselves in liberties’: The Role of the Blackfriars in Moving Early Modern Theatre Out of the Margins”
• Tony Prince, Sheffield, “Playing on the Margin of the Stage”
• Kelsey Ridge, UCL, “Tumbling Shakespeare: Shakespearean Texts from Last Night”

3b – Nineteenth-Century Women – Seminar Room B

• Ruth Ashton, Leicester, “Margins of Propriety: How the Fallen Women Became New”
• Teja Pusapati, Oxford, “No Wish to Start a ‘Brilliant and Successful Magazine’?: Examining the Market Interest of the English Woman’s Journal
• Rebecca Shuttleworth, Leicester, “Marginal Movements: Susanna Watts, Elizabeth Heyrick, and the Voice of Provincial Women in Abolitionist Discourse, 1800–1833”

3c – Poetics – Seminar Room K

• Liz Bahs, Royal Holloway, “Interacting Voices: Polyphonic Conversation in Poetry Sequence”
• Hugh Foley, Oxford, “‘On the margins of our technological society’: John Ashbery and the Obsolete Aesthetic”
• Tom Kew, Leicester, “Stuck in the Middle: Marginal Literary Cultures of the English Midlands”

3d – Identity and Belonging – Seminar Room B

• Ben Holgate, Oxford, “Australia’s Fourth World: Alexis Wright and Indigenous Survival Down Under”
• Ellen Jones, Oxford, “A Marginal Lexicon: East African Englishes in the OED
• Elizabeth Syrkin, Oxford, “Precarious Belongings, Unsettling Homes in Contemporary Black British Writing”

1.15 – 2.15

Lunch – Senior Common Room

2.15 – 3.15

Panel Discussion – Lecture Theatre 2
With Roma Tearne and Marina Warner

3.15 – 3.35
Tea and coffee – Foyer

3.35 – 4.50: Session 4

4a – Early Modern Margins – History of the Book Room

• Natalya Din-Kariuki, Oxford, “An Inventive Traveller: Discovery, Logic, and Proof in Thomas Coryat’s Crudities (1611)”
• Will Humphries, Oxford, “Writing on the Margins of Power: Wyatt, Skelton, and Bryan in the Henrician Court”
• Kirsten Macfarlane, Oxford, “‘Decoratively printed but useless’: The Genealogies of the King James Bible”

4b – Margin/Centre – Seminar Room B

• Teresa O’Rourke, Loughborough, “Writing Liminality: Transitional Surfaces in Marilynne Robinson and Etel Adnan”
• Sarah Green, Oxford, “‘Men have died of love’: The Survival of Victorian Medicine in the Artistic Sexuality of George Moore?”

4c – Joint Session: University of Glasgow – Seminar Room K

• Iro Filippaki, Glasgow, “Marginal Bodies in Postwar Literature and the Narrated Body as Différance”
• Ioulia Kolovou, Glasgow, “From the Margins of History to the Centre of the Novel: A Writer’s Poetics of Historical Fiction”
• Josianne Mamo, Glasgow, “Shifting Centres: Crafting a World through Language in Translingual Writing”

4d – Annotations and Marginality – Seminar Room A

• Andy Atherton, Kent, “Worth the Trouble: The Use of Annotation in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
• Nele Pollatschek, Oxford, “As Much Intended as Another: Marginalia in Editions of Clough’s Dipsychus
• Stefano Rosignoli, IES, London, “Samuel Beckett’s ‘Philosophy Notes’: Sources and Typology of Use”

5.00 – 6.00

Keynote Address – Lecture Room 2
By Stefan Golaszewski

6.00 – 7.00

Drinks Reception – Senior Common Room


Dinner – Al-Shami Restaurant, Jericho